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Enslaved, Ghost, Alcest Tickets Available

A couple weeks ago we announced Apothys landed the Enslaved show at Jaxx (Friday 9/23/11). Tickets are only $16 from us ($19 from Jaxx), and now available on for your convenience! This show will be fucking packed! See you all there. \m/

~ Apothys

Wednesday, July 6th 2011

Line-Up Change

Hello everyone,

We regretfully inform you that our guitarist, Nihilus (Joe), has announced his departure from Apothys. Joe has the opportunity to move out of this wretched area, so he has made the massive decision to move on. We want to thank Joe for all the skull crushing, bowel churning, soul melting shows we played together, and all of the valuable contributions he made to the Apothys sound. We wish Joe the best and more.

Many of you have noticed Apothys has mysteriously fallen beneath the radar. Conversely, we are hard at work. In the process of Joe leaving, we have enlisted Isaac Matlock as a full time guitarist. Isaac is a very capable musician and fits well within the band. Soon enough we will have shows and more good news. For now, keep spreading our name and keep it brutal!
~ Apothys

Thursday, June 30th, 2011